Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting access to the classroom

Identifying the project was the first step. Coming up with a proposal was second step. Getting into the classroom was step three. Getting into the classroom to do the project turned out to be a bit of challenge. Although, eventually overcome and the project was started.
Allow me to tell you about the experience of gaining access to the classroom for my project. First as with any teaching job, I submitted fingerprints. In my case it was an affidavit of live-scan fingerprints at the beginning of September. Then I waited. I met with the class teacher and explained my project and got her approval. She put me in contact with the technology teacher. I connected with him and got his approval.
Next I got approval from the faculty chair. Finally I met with the school secretary and tied up loose ends on signing-in and making sure all the paperwork wad in order. It was now the beginning of October. However, everyone's qustions about what I was doing were answered and all the appropriate forms completed.

Now I could finally start implementing my tech project. Or so I thought. Since it took so long to gain access to the class and the class had to be taught the technology teacher moved forward with his lessons. Fortunately the children were working with the software program I had proposed to teach them on, Microsoft PowerPoint, however the content was no longer individualized by each child's 8th grade project, it was about birds. I am not the primary teacher and took a month to get into the classroom so I am grateful to be able to work them at all.

The first day I was surprised to learn that in the month of my absence the children had not progressed very far. on my first day the children were still struggling with login issues and making email accounts and the PowerPOint assignment was the first real technology learning application they were going to do. They had learned about the computer, its parts, its programs, how to log on, etc.. So It was nice to know I did not miss too much. Tech class is only once a week and before that it had been once a month. So my first day was very near their first day. Now to move forward to see what this technology teahcing and learning is really like.


  1. It's a bit sad that students are not given the opportuntiy to exercise their computers skills frequently. I guess I say that because as a computer instructor I see that such skills are truly indispensable. Becoming familair with technology help and prepares you in many areas of your life such as professionally and academically. I hope that at least these students are able to practice such skills in the home.
    I am glad that you are finally able to begin your project at you site, I know it took some time. It's a bummer that students are not able to work on their 8th grade project perhaps later the teacher may give you some time for that. Well best of luck with you project I hope its a success.

  2. One thing is for sure, you are determined. You have discovered, unfortunately, why changes in education are so slow to take place. I have always found that to be frustrating. Oh, if we just ruled the educational world. :)

    Your presence can only make a positive difference in the classroom, even though you are restricted by the focus on "birds." Your knowledge and energy will influence the students to realizing what individuals need to know to succeed in school and in the work world.

    Good luck with your project!

  3. You have had move challenges this semester than I think anyone else has.
    With all of these challenges I wonder if you will be able to finish in time to present for our class, but I think that since its the students projects, that you could write about how you are continuing your project into next semster until they finish.
    I can't wait to see your presentation!

  4. You are taking on a very difficult task. Good luck and hope everything went well!