Monday, November 2, 2009

Proposing the Using Technology Project

The Using Technology Project is an assignment which consists of three parts: a proposal, a written paper, and PowerPoint presentation.
I proposed implementing technology through a constructivist approach in an 8th grade Waldorf inspired educational setting. Its primary goal seeks to assess the technological needs in terms of resources, materials, faculty expertise and student needs. Student needs will be based on each student’s abilities and comfort with technology in regards to California department of Education eight grade technology standards. Secondly, I propose developing and using constructivist activities to bridge learning and instruction gaps to meet technology standards and offer meaningful learning experiences for the students.
The Waldorf inspired setting being utilized for this project, discourages media and limits technology access, yet has been forced to mediate their pedagogical views to receive state operational funding and fulfill technology standards. My proposed Using Technology Project seeks to negotiate the instructive gaps between state mandated education code standards and the Waldorf pedagogy through constructivist learning approaches with technology with eighth grade students a Waldorf inspired setting. This project will be evaluated for its impact and effectiveness through observation and feedback solicited from class sessions and teacher meetings. The results will be shared in a Power Point presentation in the Technology as Tool, fall 2009 class.

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